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UnBoxing | USS DISCOVERY NCC-1031-A from the STAR TREK Universe

Travel to the ends of the universe and the furthermost reaches of the future with the USS Discovery NCC-1031-A the refit of the legendary vessel is revealed in startling detail and part of the new line of starship models from Eaglemoss Collections.

At the conclusion of its fateful confrontation with the sinister AI Control that was threatening to take over the known galaxy and subvert all organic matter to its whim, the 22nd Century Federation Starship USS Discovery was forced to follow one of its crew, Michael Burnham, into a wormhole. When they emerged on the other side of the phenomenon, Burnham and the Crossfield-Class starship found themselves 900 years in the future, in the late 32nd Century. Although badly damaged, the ship had a serious advantage that made it the most formidable ship in the fleet.

Arriving in the year 3189, the crew immediately learns the awful truth. An event of unimaginable consequence named “The Burn” destroyed all possibility of dilithium-based space travel and made it nearly impossible to cross the distances using conventional warp drives for 120 years. Fortunately, with its still-largely experimental spore drive, the USS DISCOVERY NCC-1031-A is immediately recommissioned, updated, and refitted bringing many of its outdated systems in line with 32nd Century technology. Reinforcing its hull and providing detachable nacelles that allow the ship to move with more agility, while more efficiently taking advantage of its distinct propulsion.

The USS Discovery is immediately deployed in an effort to find a solution to “The Burn” and assist in inspiring the reinstatement of a Federation of Planets and strengthening the Starfleet, and becomes the object of envy desired by the leader of the Emerald Chain, an Orion Syndicate lead criminal organization, that has cornered the market of dilithium — controlling space travel. With its remarkable enhancements and largely impart to the performance of her crew the USS Discovery (refit) performs beyond expectations and under the command of Captain Michael Burnham charts an exciting new path in its continuing mission 900 years from when it was first launched.

Ship of the Line

The latest hero ship to join the Eaglemoss Collections line of models in its Star Trek Universe Official Starships Collection, the USS Discovery NCC-1031-A represents a stark contrast to contemporary starship design that has been indicative of the Star Trek franchise. This “refitted” version of the Crossfield-Class vessel was excitingly teased when the high-end modeling collections rebranded and incorporated starship designs from across the Star Trek universe into one subscription package. The USS Discovery (Refit) model is presented in the larger-sized release measuring 7.8 inches.

Set alongside its predecessor, the details are startling far more obvious; many of the aspects of the original 22nd Century ship have been smoothed out and streamlined, although the surface texture is far more elaborate. The Discovery’s silhouette remains intact, but many of the ship’s angles have been flushed, giving it a sense of swiftness and propulsion. The inner ring of the saucer section is slightly thicker, though it hangs suspended on its own connection to the neck extended from the engineering section through to the outer ring of the saucer.

To create the 32nd Century “free-floating” nacelles that is an apparent technological advancement 900 years from when the USS Discovery was launched, a pair of transparent extensions can be clipped onto the ends of the wings, holding the spruced up nacelles firmly in place for display. The make-shift clips are only a mild distraction and do not really distract from the overall model’s appeal. The model itself is constructed of a combination of die-cast and ABS plastic material and is beautifully painted and highly detailed; you can even make out its registry along the front surface of the other ring.

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USS DISCOVERY NCC-1031-A | STAR TREK UNIVERSE Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Collections | $29.99 each | is available from Eaglemoss Collections / Hero Collector here.

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