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Batgirl: Family Business

The Batgirl of Gotham’s trendy burg Burnside is causing all sorts of calamity in “Volume 2” of her best-selling series.


The Bat-Family has been in some dire straights of late. After the recent climax to the long-brewing “Endgame” storyline in the Batman monthly that finally saw the end to Dark Knight’s epic confrontation with his arch nemesis the Joker, it appeared that Batman had fallen, and although Bruce Wayne has emerged with no memory of his time as Gotham City’s sworn protector, the task of maintaining order has been duly accepted by members of Batman’s extended family.


Batgirl Volume 2: Family Business is available now.

Among those caped and cowled is none other than Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon who has moved to one of the city’s more up-and-coming boroughs Burnside and streamlined her adventurous ways though keeping he faith as is evidenced in Batgirl Volume 2: “Family Business” by the creative team of Cameron StewartBrenden Fletcher and Babs Tar. Batgirl finds herself in over her head taking down a team of Internet conspirators that are worshipping at the alter of the high-voltage villainy of Livewire!

To make matters only a little more challenging for Babs, she’s being hunted by Gotham’s new guardian, calling itself “Batman” an armored warrior contracted by the Powers Corporation to keep the peace. She learns quickly the identity of the man behind the mask, and Barbara is shocked when she learns that it’s her own father inside the suit. Torn with having to reveal her own dual-identity, Batgirl has little chance when the two must team-up to stop Livewire from frying the system.


Batgirl gets a groovy redesign but keeps all of her wits about her making crime-fighting more fashionable.

Technically now a fugitive of the law, Barbara is not exactly comfortable with her roommate Frankie’s role in all her adventuring — it may be best that she simply work on her own rather than subject Frankie to the same dangerous life of an urban street vigilante, but before the two have time to blink Batgirl is enlisted into the middle of an espionage ring, and in the path of Dick Grayson — although Batgirl doesn’t really know that it’s him!

It isn’t long before Barbara learns the truth: that Dick has been lying about his death at the hands of the Crime Syndicate (at the conclusion go “Forever Evil”) and has penetrated this secret agent conspiracy to unlock its truth. With wild animals on the loose, courtesy of The Velvet Tiger Batgirl has bigger cats to battle, a Batwoman to keep at bay, and a wedding to get ready for — hoping that no Spoilers will get in the way.

The second volume collects Batgirl issues #41-45, DC Comics Sneak Peek: Batgirl #1 which introduced the series relaunch of the title and Batgirl Annual #3. It cleverly depicts Barbara Gordon, grown out of the shadow of her mentor and embracing her own calling as a contemporarily independent and savvy super-herorine. The creative team present a light-hearted and entertainment voice for a character that has come out of the dark to shine a light all of her own.

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