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DC's "TITANS" Return

First. Let's establish some context. One of the most widely anticipated releases of DC Comics "Rebirth" story arc has included the return of one of the imprint's most popular team books Titans! The original "sidekicks" reunited for the 2015 mini-series Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett and Geraldo Borges which first started to craft the idea that there was some significant "something" going in the DC multiverse, especially post-The New 52 reboot.

When the publishing giant decided to reimagine a lot of its characters for the 2011 company-wide initiative, it all-but wiped out that part of Silver Age continuity which had brought together the proteges of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Flash and Aquaman. During the Modern Age of comics The New Teen Titans under the guidance of Marv Wolfman and George Pérez would become one of the most popular books published by DC Comics.

The Titans (re)unite for "Rebirth".

For diehard fans, the fact that the "original" Robin never teamed up with Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad to start the Teen Titans (Donna Troy the "original" Wonder Girl would join the group later) struck a major chord with purist of the mythology. It also basically meant that the years leading up to the young adult Teen Titans buy Wolfman and Pérez never occurred leaving a huge hole in the hearts of many devoted readers.

Slowly the pieces of that "missing time" would be often addressed within the new existing DC continuity. Starfire a member of The Outlaws banded together by the second Robin, now calling himself Red Hood recalled to her third teammate Arsenal (Roy Harper who had once been Speedy) having worked and been attracted to Nightwing the all-grown-up first Robin. She even kept one of his suits as a souvenirs (not weird at all).

And while Tim Drake, the Red Robin was recruiting members for his version of the Teen Titans one among his new allies would be Cassie Sandsmark the "new" Wonder Girl, and as we all would eventually learn, the niece of Wonder Woman. Donna Troy had only recently been introduced into Wonder Woman's mythology, and had never assumed the mantle of the ingenue Wonder Girl. That didn't prevent Donna from hearing the summons that lead her and her teammates on a Titans Hunt!

At the conclusion of that adventure the original members, the original sidekicks now all grown-up, were reunited including Lilith Clay the telepathic/telekinetic named Omen with only one very obvious omission it appeared the Titans were once again back together! As a precursor leading right into the current "Rebirth" story arc, the first thing that was revealed at the very beginning of the one-shot DC Universe: Rebirth #1 written by Geoff Johns was that Wally West the one-time Kid Flash who became post-Crisis era's Flash had been erased from history.

In fact, some 10 years had gone missing! Lost in some nether region between realities, Wally has been missing ever since The Flash (Barry Allen) caused the "FlashPoint" paradox that reshaped the DC Comics continuity. Not able to recognizable the reshaped universe, it wasn't until Wally finally gave up and decided to reach out to Barry one last time that he finally escaped the confines of the space-time continuum prison that he found himself in, thanks to the bond between Flashes!

The instant that Wally and Barry were reunited the two instantly recalled all their adventures together, but also were also able to identify that indeed -- 10 years of their life had gone missing! Exactly who is behind it all remains to be seen (although faithful readers have somewhat figured it out leading everyone to wonder...who watches the Watchmen?). Wally no longer a "kid" though he reenters the world as Kid Flash, reassumes his mantle as a Flash in a darker, brick red with silver accents version of his Kid Flash suit, and seeks out his teammates.

Reunited...and it feels so good. Now that Wally has found the rest of the Titans, the group is decidedly pursuing the mystery that begins with the return of their friend, and along the course work to reestablish the friendship and family that they'd cultivated throughout their long history together -- especially searching for the answers to the 10 years missing from their lives. Titans #1 written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Brett Booth jumps right into the thick of things and picks off right where the Titans Hunt mini-series and Titans: Rebirth #1 one-shot leave off.

It genuinely feels fantastic to have these characters brought back together and reclaim that loving feeling. Certainly and we're hopeful that other past-Titans including Starfire and Raven, and especially the full-fledged Justice League founding member Cyborg are somehow reintegrated into to the fold. In the meantime rest assured that some of that Wolfman/Pérez magic is back and a mystery of cosmic proportions is afoot -- and the magic-wielding Flash rogue Abra Kadabra has something to do with all of it!

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