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iFeature | ARROW Season 8 Will Be Its Last

After 8 Seasons of urban warfare in the streets of Star City, it looks like the Emerald Archer is hanging up his bow and arrow as The CW prepares to retire the premiere series that launched a multiverse.

It was the shot heard round the Arrowverse! Stephen Amell the lead actor of The CW’s hit Arrow announced on Wednesday that the series will be coming to an end after delivering 10 episodes in its Season 8 this fall. The show which has become the anchor of the primetime DC Comics Universe spun-off three additional series The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (four if you count Black Lightning into the mix) announced that when it returns in the fall it will produce a short season, prompting many to speculate...

With only 10 episodes expected in the fall, the likelihood that the arc will coincide with the highly anticipated annual crossovers event, the fate of Amell’s billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, turned vigilante Green Arrow has been decided, and will possibly emerge as a casualty of the intended upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. After 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover which introduced the threat of The Monitor (played by LaMonica xx) and set-up the notion that the multiverse was indeed facing a crisis, at the conclusion Oliver makes a deal with the devil to save everyone’s life.

Using his social networking platform, Amell thanked his fans for 8 great seasons and was immediately joined by his cast mates across the platform even as the story started to make its way across the entertainment circuit with many in the industry proclaiming that an “era had come to an end”. The show itself, the initial brainstorm of super-producer Greg Berlanti and his co-producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim wasn’t the first primetime property based on a DC Comics character, but it altered the playing considerably.

Super Team-Ups

With the success of Arrow the demand for more adaptations of the genre inevitably surfaced. The introduction of The Flash and the team-series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow opened up a all-new possibilities when the three shows, taking a page from the success of Marvel Studios franchise films established a unified continuity and the “Arrowverse” was born. When CBS cancelled Supergirl (another Berlanti produced DC property), The CW immediately picked it up and the multiverse in primetime started to take shape.

Eight seasons later, on The CW alone there are now nearly 500 hours of DC Comics superhero programming and this fall they may all be coming to a head with the anticipation of the already teased crossover event of 2019. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” based on the maxi-series of the same name, retooled the DC Comics Universe bringing all the various characters across its then 50-year history into one singular and more cohesive continuity. If the show producers intend on going down a similar path with the primetime universe, there will be inevitable casualties.

Though consistently sustaining its audience, especially gaining some momentum in its latest Seventh Season, Arrow — the longest running of The CW series based on DC currently on air — may have arrived at an impasse . It could well be time for Oliver to hand up the kevlar armor and make way for another new legend, perhaps the recently established Batwoman, a pilot starring Ruby Rose is in production. With a 10-episode final season, the shorter offering allows for the writers to ramp up the action, tie up loose ends and bring home the Emerald Archer heroically.

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