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iReview :: BATMAN: Return of the Caped Crusader

They say, “Nostalgia is for geeks!” (credit Lady Gaga with that quote) but If that’s true then geeks everywhere are in for the greatest treat! This week available on Digital HD before it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD is the animated feature Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Attendees at this year’s New York City Comic-Con were treated to a full-length sneak peek of the movie that reunites Adam West and Burt Ward voicing the versions of the Batman and Robin they made pop-culture icons in this homage to the 60’s live-action adventure series.

Galvanizing every cheeky pun and whimsy allowed to take form in a full-color adaptation that is suitable for all audiences and still keeps with the tone of the series it’s based on, this is one of the most ambitions animated features produced by Warner Animation for the DC Animated Universe line. For those of us who grew up on the TV series, this is just a fancifully good time. Whether inspired by the popularity of the Batman ’66 which revitalized interest in the Batman TV series for an entire new generation, or to supplant fans demand, this feature just works!

The animated adventure re-teams all the major Batman rogues including Joker, Penguin, Riddle and Catwoman voiced by none other than Julie Newmar the most popular of the actresses to slink across the screen as the infamous femme fatale of the Batman television series. Set to simulate the pace of the show, all the classic gimmicks are in their, from the animated sound effects — POW! WOOF! ZING! — to the scripted nuances and double entendre.

When Batman resorts to reveling in his dark side, Robin has no other choice but to team-up with the nefarious Catwoman and brings her into the Bat-cave for a face-to-face confrontation for the ages! A utility belt show down between the two heroes unlike any ever seen before! But when their plan fails epically the pair break every costumed criminal that the Dynamic Duo have ever faced out of prison to battle a multitude of Bat-menaces.

Animated versions of King Tut, Mr. Freeze, Egg Head and more take on the Batman during a well-choreographed Batusi that goes on behind them! Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is a fun and hip romp back in time, but with a very contemporary flair that will engage and entertain. Directed by Rick Morales and written by Michael Jelenic with James Tucker, this is a truthfully welcome animated distraction to the political static taking over the airwaves. Harken back to a simpler time and return!

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