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What happens when the world requires a new kind of hero? That's exactly the mission that Batman has in mind when he recruits the next generation for his all-new, all-different JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA!

After a mission that had the Justice League collaborating with the Suicide Squad to take down Maxwell Lord after he succumbed to the effects of the mad villain Eclipso it was clear that the planet is far more vulnerable and new threats are looming around every corner. Always one step ahead of his enemies Batman — inspired by Killer Frost a recent new recruit to Amanda Waller’s Task Force X — decides to reevaluate the league’s mission and starting with Killer Frost reassembles the Justice League of America. It’s a whole new multiverse, and it’s only getting more dangerous!

Its mission is also to serve and protect, but instead of from looking down from their watch tower like gods on a throne, this version of the league will hit things from the ground level, and inspire the every man and woman to greatness. That’s exactly what Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 written by Steve Orlando with art by Ivan Reis accomplishes with this spin-off series that has the potential to overtake the popularity of its long-time parent series. First teased in a series of one-shots, most of the roster has been introduced but now are brought together.

Batman first approaches one of the DC Comics universe greatest mainstays! Their first stop is to convince Black Canary that the time for her to rejoin the JLA is now! A former classic leaguer Vixen is also brought into the fold. Filling out the ranks are two new faces, at least to this generation of readers — The Atom Ryan Choi is back and has dedicated himself to finding his missing mentor, Ray Palmer. Adding to the group’s firepower will be The Ray, and finally the most unlikeliest character in the mix, the mercenary Lobo will be supplementing the muscle!

The group dynamic is one of the most original currently in comics, but the potential for great chemistry is already there. It’s certain the Batman will be leaning on the veterans Black Canary and Vixen to toe the line and help wrangle the rest of the group together, especially with a wild card like Lobo in the mix. Most inviting about this team is that they will be based much more closer to the people they are sworn to protect; Batman has reopened the original sanctuary base used by the league in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

This nod to the Justice League’s origins is of course very much in line with the current publishing wide rebrand “Rebirth” that is reestablishing and revisiting the DC Comics heroes’ legacies. With a locked in franchise recognition Justice League of America will no doubt prove the “must-read” series of the new season. “Heroism is a community,” Batman says, “and it starts with the Justice League of America” echoing much of the sentiment felt by longtime readers, who also feel part of a community — a fandom that has endured and excited generations!

DC Comics Justice League America: Rebirth #1 - written by Steve Orlando with art by Ivan Reis.

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