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iReview :: DC Comics THE FLASH #6

This week’s catch of comics couldn’t get better than with the continuing arc transpiring in The Flash #6. The issue is part of the recent “Rebirth” storylines that are reconstituting missing legacies, aspects of some of our most favorite DC Comics characters that were compromised as a result of the imprint’s publishing wide decision to reboot, rebrand all of its titles in 2011 under the banner of “The New 52”.

Though readership was encouraged following the majorly dramatic restart that put a polish on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and (yes) The Flash, the recent “Rebirth” and its return to the hopeful and faithful adventure stories that first attracted audiences to DC Comics, may have proven just what the books needed. Sales since the “Rebirth” relaunch have been impressive and reignited interest in old favorites, especially The Flash.

After the dramatic return of his one-time side Wally West (the original one), Barry Allen has learned that someone has messed with time! There are 10 years missing in continuity — and The Flash may have something to do with that. It’s unclear (yet) who is responsible or what are the consequences behind the missing time, but before he can get his bearings, Central City was struck by a Speed Force lightning storm — the same kind that created The Flash in the first place.

As a consequence many of Central City’s citizens after getting caught in the story were turned into speedsters themselves. It wasn’t log before these innocent people became targets for a new menace, a speedster calling himself Godspeed! The villain’s murdering spree takes on a very personal level when he confronts and seemingly kills Allen’s new colleague and current girl friend, Dr. Meena Dhawan. Meena had been assisting The Flash with the assimilation of the speedsters.

Now it would appear that Godspeed’s reign is coming to head when he reveals his true identity (no need to spoil anything — read the book) and he takes on The Flash in a duel to the death! The issue written by series writer Joshua Williamson and artfully illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico is among the best work in comics, and truly captures the unique spirit of The Flash, a character that has quickly become one of DC’s premiere icons.

The issue makes several interesting revelations including Barry finally learning that the contemporary Wally West (the one created as part of “The New 52” reboot) is also a speedster and had been keeping it a secret from him, and that Barry may recall parts of his own history, when he connects the fact that Meena’s “death” is very similar to what also occurred to him during the first “Crisis”. It’s a development we’ll be keeping a very close eye on!

THE FLASH #6 • “Lightning Strikes Twice” Part 6

“Revenge” written by Joshua Williamson with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico published by DC Comics available on newsstand and digital download

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