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iReview :: THE FLASH #304 - “The New Rogues”

The Flash's Rogues Gallery expands as two of the legendary hero's most iconic foes are introduced in the latest episode including the dangerously dimensional Mirror Master!

The CW show The Flash has never shied away from proliferating the world of its superhero with many of the popularly colorful denizens that exist in the comic book. After 75 years of publication by DC Comics, the Scarlet Speedster has among some of the popular cads in its “Rogues Gallery”. Most of which have already been introduced on the series to challenge Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in his costumed secret identity as the Flash!

One particular felon that hadn’t yet materialized and fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of has been Sam Scudder aka The Mirror Master (played by guest star Grey Damon) one of the more centrifugal members of the Rogues Gallery assembled by Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) that become constant thorns for Central City’s champion. In Episode #304 of The Flash entitled “The New Rogues” audiences finally get their wish, and the criminal crew comes close to complete.

Grey Damon as Sam Scudder, the Mirror Master!

Three years ago Scudder and his accomplice girlfriend Rosalind Dillon (Ashley Rickards) while enjoying the riches of their most recent caper, are confronted by by Leonard Snart but the moment is interrupted by the oncoming wave of black matter energy unleashed the night that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded. Both Scudder and Dillon are caught in the maelstrom and are affected by the blast, but Scudder goes missing after the incident…

…resurfacing 3 years later from behind a mirror! Scudder then begins a terrorizing vendetta to get revenge on Snart while learning to use his newfound mastery of warping dimensions and traveling through reflective surfaces. Breaking Dillon out of Iron Heights, he learns that she too has powers of her own, and affects perceptions similar to inflicting vertigo on her victims; an effect categorized by Team Flash as a “human top” hence the code-name Top.

One of the comic character's most notorious felons comes to life!

The introduction of these two additional “rogues” nearly rounds out the group and certainly has gotten audiences wondering if one day Snart will pool their forces together to challenge the Flash directly, especially as the Flash Family continues to grow. This episode features the return of Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) who reveals her new super suit! Jesse and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) are also becoming closer and romantically involved.

Jesse Quick (Violett Beanne) makes her debut!

Barry’s relationship with Iris (Candice Patton) also takes on a new dimension, and not just because the Flash gets trapped behind glass by the Mirror Master! Barry is having a hard time being publicity romantic with Iris especially when Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is around. Taking a minute to catch-up with his foster father and discuss matter in person, leads to one of this season’s genuinely funny moments proving that the Barry/Iris shipping has been worth the wait.

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs the visiting Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) before returning to his own Earth-2 promises to help Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) deal with filling the void after his departure. “Team Flash” admits that things are just not the same without Wells in the bullpen, and manage to come up with a scheme to attract one of this multiverse dopplegängers to join the group. After checking out a couple of candidates…

…a “new” Wells answers the call, happy to become a member of the team — and he has a sense of humor, unlike his predecessor(s). How this new Wells will gel with the group is still to be determined as Harry and Jesse return to Earth-2 at the end of the episode. This is one of this episode’s harder to swallow storylines, but undoubtedly will inspire some conflicting drama as more is revealed about this earth-hopping Wells and his intentions.

Wally and Jesse are becoming close and spend the episode zipping around Central City on their “first date”. Wally seems comfortable with the fact that he still isn’t exhibiting any super powers, especially after his own exposure with the black matter energy that gave Jesse her speed. Still we remain optimistic that “Kid Flash” will soon be joining Barry on his exploits. Caitlin on the other hand is still keeping her “killer” cold powers a secret from everyone but uses them to help Flash!

At the conclusion of this episode Barry decides to take his relationship with Iris to the “next level” and announces that he will be moving out of the West home to chart his own territory, to which Joe agrees is about time! Cheerfully he agrees that it would be great for his surrogate son to have his own place and would be a lot easier on him as the relationship between Iris and Barry continues to bloom.

The Flash • Episode #304 - “The New Rogues” directed by Stefan Pleszczynski written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes (Original Airdate: Oct 25, 2016)

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