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JUSTICE LEAGUE Finally United on Latest Poster!

With the climatic ending of last summer’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice having the Man of Steel sacrificing himself in final combat against Lex Luthor’s menacing “Doomsday” monster, the idea of a Justice League big screen effort without Superman (Henry Cavill) was looking pretty grim!

Until today when the latest teaser poster finally included Superman in all his glory alongside the Batman and Wonder Woman, and the rest of the new recruits including Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg to finally (nearly) deliver on the entire roster of founding members.

There are some additional details leaking about the upcoming film that promise that a certain seventh leaguer may make a dubious appearance alongside this core group of six — of course, fans are anticipating that Green Lantern will be introduced to reveal the core, founding members.

Regardless, it is a great sign that Superman has been added finally to the latest poster art. The Last Son of Krypton and the tentpole character boy which the cinematic DC Comics universe was introduced, will undoubtedly play into the main plot that is lining up closely with the storyline in the “Origin” graphic novel which collects the first arc of the Justice League when introduced at the launch of “The New 52” reboot.

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