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Premiered at COMIC-CON...

The San Diego Comic-Con crowd was treated to some "first looks" at upcoming Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment releases including the first full-length trailer to next summer's highly anticipated Wonder Woman motion picture starring Gal Gadot as the amazing Amazon and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Diana Prince's love interest (as the story goes). The film establishes Diana's origin story (as had been reported by Entertainment Weekly) and chronologically places her having arrived in "Man's World" during the first World War.

Check out the Wonder Woman trailer here:

Focusing heavily on action and pushing some humor, the trailer shows Wonder Woman (Gadot) fully battle ready and taking on some of the baddies, though it doesn't reveal (at least not obviously) the presence of a comic-book adversary. It was reported that Ares the God of War which was instrumental in establishing Diana'a origin in the contemporary mythology would be an important element of the film's narrative. For a first look at what fans can expect next summer in theaters, Wonder Woman looks very exciting and appears faithful to the theme of her first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Another property that made its debut at the convention included a preliminary look at the team movie Justice League which was teased at in the aforementioned BvS. The clips show Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) working with Diana Prince (Gadot) to put together a team of "warriors" that include Aquaman (who will be played by Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and finally rounding out the team is Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher). There is no mention of Superman (Henry Cavill) who "died" at the end of BvS but a "mother box" is glimpsed in the film...

...which would confirm that the evil forces from Darkseid's Apokalips will be the main antagonists to bring the team together, much like in "The New 52" storyline. It has been reported that the film's main villain will be Steppenwolf the general of Darkseid's armies. The villain is seen in a "deleted scene" from BvS that appears to have him aiding Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) in his plot to pit the superpowers against one another.

Justice League has been established as the launching point for the next round of DC Comics based films which will spin-off its supporting players into their own franchises, and establish additional characters including Green Lantern.

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