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Star Trek Voyager Starship…Armors Up!

Eaglemoss Collections latest release from its Star Trek Starships line brings home the USS Voyager in its Ablative Armor mode.

“Tough little ship.” It’s the phrase that Cmdr. William Riker uses to describe one of the fleets other iconic vessels the USS Defiant in their monuments stand-off facing the nefarious Borg in the now-classic feature film Star Trek First ContactRiker hadn’t yet met or heard the full story behind the course charted by another ship lost to the final frontier.

Captain Kathryn Janeway promised her crew that whatever it took she would bring them home, after the USS Voyager was lost to the winds and far away from home in the Delta Quadrant. Keeping her crew intact by any means, Janeway kept to task and the Voyager’s mission of deep space exploration continued.


The USS Voyager in its ablative armor is now available as part of the Eaglemoss Collection of starships celebrating Star Trek.

Along the way, the crew made some friends and several enemies. Most notably among them were the Borg — first encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise these techno-organic beings sought to conquer other species and force them into their “collective”. Resistance was futile, but Janeway and her crew fought against to avoid this enemy relentlessly.

Ultimately the stakes were too high and compromises had to be made. A Janeway from the future traveled back in time with the intention of bringing the crew of the USS Voyager home, but to do so they’d have to travel through an area of space heavily populated by their Borg enemy. With technology she’d acquired from the future, Janeway tipped the scales in their favor.

The introduction of the ablative armor plating kept the Borg at a distance from the ship and helped the crew navigate the treacherous void to make their final leap back to the Alpha Quadrant and back home.

The solidly constructed miniature gives the collector an unprecedented view of the armored up USS Voyager and is based on the CGI model constructed to appear in the final episode of the seventh season of Star Trek Voyager “Endgame”. It would mark the final appearance of the hero ship on television or film, and also ablative armor technology.

The “Armored” USS Voyager is available now in die cast resin model measuring about 5″ in length. It is Issue #48 in the Eaglemoss Collection of Star Trek The Official Starships Collection.

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