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“Supergirl” Casts a Wonder Woman as its President!

When Supergirl returns this fall she’ll not only have a new network to call home, but the Leader of the Free World will be played by Wonder Woman Lynda Carter!


Supergirl (Melissa Benoist pictured here with Grant Gustin as The Flash) is about to make history having cast none other than Lynda Carter as the President for an arc appearing this fall when the show joins The CW line-up.

Oh the dog days of summer! By now genre fans have begun foaming at the mouth in wide-eyed anticipation of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con which takes over geek-dom from July 21-24. This year’s “Night of DC Comics” which has commandeered Hall H on the penultimate evening, will no doubt be one of the event’s biggest draws. The CW has announced its premiere line-up featuring the #DCTVCW universe heavy-hitters including The Flash which returns on Tuesday, Oct. 4 and is followed up on Wednesday, Oct. 5 with the Season 5 premiere of Arrow.

The newest of the “combined” DC TV Universe television series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will begin its sophomore season on Thursday, Oct. 13, but another hit show that will be transition to the network and help fill out a help a super-heroics will be Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist which will premiere its second season on The CW reassuming its time slot on Monday, Oct. 10. Fans are already wildly anticipating this new season which already has viewers curious about exactly who crash landed on Earth in the Kryptonian shuttle in the final scene of the cliffhanger!

Though the producers have already made incredible gains in the show’s eager appeal having made two very important casting announcements this past week that include Tyler Hoechlin the one-time “alpha” of the pack on MTV’s Teen Wolf has been tapped to wear the cape and curl of DC Comic’s most prized celebrity. Hoechlin will be playing Superman, join the show in the fall in an arc that will rejoin Kara with her famous cousin. It’s expected that the Man of Steel will be making appearances throughout the season, but for now has only been teased to appear in the first two episodes when Supergirl returns in the fall.

In more incredible stunt casting news Greg Berlanti has landed another veteran superhero headliner into the mix when Lynda Carter the star of the 1970’s hit show Wonder Woman will be appearing on Supergirl as the President of the United States. During the first season it was often hinted that the Leader of the Free World was indeed a woman. With Senator Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nominee on the fast track to the White House, many viewers had assumed the line was just a presumptive nod thrown in for color by the show’s writing staff.


Still a stunning beauty Lynda Carter the “original” Wonder Woman will be returning to primetime this time defending the Free World as the President of the United States.

It has now been confirmed that Carter though not necessarily wearing her tradition red, white and blue star-spangled armor, she will be replacing her tiara for a more conservative pant suit. Though perhaps they’ll let her keep the invisible jet with its superior stealth technology in lieu of Air Force One. The show producers haven’t yet confirmed for how many episodes Carter’s President will be appearing, but with the the show’s move to Vancouver from sunny Los Angeles to join the rest of The CW, Berlanti Productions there has been speculation that some series regulars may not be coming back.

Actress Calista Flockhart made a great impression as media mogul Cat Grant in the first season, though now it’s up in the air whether Flockhart will be rejoining her cast mates when production resumes next month in Vancouver. We’ll have to wait and see how it will take shape, but one thing is for certain, with the success of the DC TV Universe outshining the film franchises, it’s undoubtedly crossed television executives minds what the show runners of these hit genre shows have up their sleeves, after all, from our perspective The CW still has one more day of the week to fill! Friday anyone?

Supergirl premieres on The CW this fall Monday, Oct. 10 @ 8pm EST.

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