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“THE FLASH” Gets An Action Figure!

One lucky fan gets his 1990 “The Flash” action figure autographed by The OG Flash himself JOHN WESLEY SHIPP! Get yours now!

It’s been a long time coming! Though it ran for only a single season The Flash which aired on CBS in 1990 and starred John Wesley Shipp has inspired an unbelievable fandom and a phenomenon that has led to The CW’s primetime take over of The CW. The series based on the DC Comics character took a page from the success of Tim Burton’s Batman feature film and introduced a Barry Allen who battled crime in a decidedly darker Central City.

The television series was considered the most expensive one-hour adventure/drama in production on a major network at the time, and demanded blockbuster production value on a weekly basis. Among one of the most defining and stylized features was the actual costume worn by the two-time Emmy Winner, which was patterned and molded around Shipp himself and gave the actor a particularly impressive super-hero look.

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Though fans have been eagerly anticipating collectible memorabilia based on the series, very little has been authorized or made available. The wait is over though for collectors of Mattel’s DC Multiverse line of action figures; as part of the high-end “Signature” series a “Flash” based on the 1990 TV series is finally available. John Wesley Shipp got to sign his first one for a lucky fan appearing this weekend in Comic-Con Toronto.

Shipp has since returned to the world of the Scarlet Speedster with dual roles in the contemporary Arrow-verse spin-off starring Grant Gustin. He joined the cast in Season One appropriately cast as the much beloved “Henry Allen”. The heart surgeon was murdered by the villainous Zoom at the conclusion of Season Two, and in an elaborate plot twist was reintroduced as “Jay Garrick/The Flash” of the parallel Earth-3.

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