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"THE FLASH"(Point) In Season 3

Not everything is shaping up the way Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) may have imagined it would have when The CW hit series The Flash returns next fall for Season 3! After taking on the villainous ZOOM! in the race of his life, Central City's favorite son has just about taken all that he can -- it's time that he took a little something back for himself.

From the teaser-trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Barry's decision to go back in time, and this time save the life of his mother Nora (Michelle Harrison) from the murderous attack from the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) -- the event that set in motion The Flash's entire first season and the last have been obliterated!

Creating a "FlashPoint" paradox that's reset the timeline and stacked events -- at least from the obvious perspective -- in Barry Allen's favor. Now both his parents Nora and Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) are alive and well, but on the other hand Iris West (Candice Patton) has only just met the budding forensics expert and there's a new "Flash" in town -- or is that "Kid Flash"?

One thing is for certain when The Flash returns to The CW in October it may not be the same show that fans remember! The Flash Season 3 premiered Tuesday, Oct 3 @ 8pm on The CW.

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