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This Season | BLACK LIGHTING Powers Up!titled

Guaranteeing a high-powered evening of crime fighting, The CW’s Tuesday night is raising the wattage on action and adventure when BLACK LIGHTNING returns for Season 2!

Though the mild-mannered alter-ego of high school principal Jefferson Pierce may have enjoyed some anonymity in the past, given the superhero’s popularity and longevity Black Lightning has proven a formidable ratings success in The CW’s primetime line-up. Starring Cress Williams in the title role, the one-time outsider arrived on the scene as a mid-season replacement, but will be rightfully paced after The Flash on Tuesday nights when the series returns for Season 2 in October!

In fact the artwork for the upcoming new season is properly situating the rising star and adapting the style of a slick 70s gangland cop feature to prove how electrifying Black Lightning really is. The legend of the Black Lightning unfolded in his premiere season as the once retired metahuman vigilante is forced back into action to defend the corrupt streets of Freehold. Black Lightning is not alone in his vendetta against the criminal Tobias Whale; he’s partnered up with his daughters Thunder (Nafessa Williams) and Lightning (China Ann McClain).

The series producers are insisting that Season 2 will have a more super-powered presence, with the hint that additional metahumans may be introduced challenging Black Lightning, or saddling up as new allies. This might suggest that members of the hero’s DC Comics team The Outsiders may make appearances; the sword-wielding Katana played an important part on a couple of seasons of Arrow. It has been hinted that Black Lightning is part of the DCTV Arrowverse, a cross-over is less likely, at least for the moment, though fans are still holding out hope.

Like its sister-series Supergirl -- it is inferred that Black Lightning takes place on an alternate-Earth within the DCTV multiverse.

Black Lightning returns for Season 2 on The CW, Tuesday, Oct. 9 @ 9/8c. The Complete First Season is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

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