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A Collectible Figure Unboxing

Celebrating 40 Years of one of the most coveted toy franchises, THE  TRANSFORMERS, and its heroic Autobot Leader OPTIMUS PRIME have been commemorated by Yolopark in a stunning, fully-articulated model action figure.


Toys in the 1980s were intertwined with energetic branding opportunities that gave them a multi-dimensional integration that further stimulated the imagination. It wasn’t just enough to properly package the lot and hope that they leaped from the shelves. The term “action figures” had come to mean something, especially in the wake of the success of Kenner’s line of Star Wars figures and accessories. George Lucas was fundamentally aware that his space opera would prove lucratively attracted to children who wanted to recreate the film to scale in their playroom.

With the success of the Star Wars line, longtime toymakers immediately turned their attention to what other franchises they could capitalize on. The results lead to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe hulking battle-hardened warriors, as Hasbro turned to revitalizing one of their most popular lines, but giving it a lot more character to boost G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero as a must-have for any toy chest. The one-time 12-inch, fully accessorized doll, would be replaced with a more hand-held 3 3/4” model, with vehicles and play sets to match.

Marrying G.I. Joe to another medium, Marvel Comics, and then animating those adventures positioning them during the broadcast hours that kids were most likely to be watching television, boosted the popularity of G.I. Joe. The formula proved so beneficial to the marketing of the toy line, that Hasbro repeated it when they acquired the rights to a series of shape-shifting robots. Aligning with a narrative that was similar to a battle between good guys and bad guys, and designing a hierarchy that matched that of G.I. Joe the result was truly more than meets the eye!


Robots In Disguise

The Transformers were an instant sensation among its base consumers. Kids now had two toys for the price of one! As a robot that would engage in various adventures in the far reaches of the imagination, that could then become something else entirely — a car, jet fighter, or boombox — the possibilities in playtime were suddenly unparalleled. Combining that with a story arc, The Transformers Generation 1 of heroes and villains, were as diverse and dynamic as anything on the market. The heroic Autobots were waging a civil war, to protect their home planet’s resources, from the dreaded Decepticons.

Under the leadership of Optimus Prime the Autobots have always fought with hope and purpose. The veteran of several campaigns, the powerful Prime, instilled unconditional loyalty among his troops and possessed a presence that fits the mold of the semi-truck the robot soldier transformed into. Optimus Prime would become the avatar of the perfect general and his story would always become centrifugal to The Transformers legacy whether in animation, live-action, or published works. Optimus Prime’s most profound moment would be solidified in the biggest story to come to the big screen.

Theatrically released in 1986, The Transformers: The Movie was an extension of the already super popular animated series, introducing a whole new generation of characters on the big screen. It was a very slick maneuver to enhance the toy line and extend the mythology. To carry an impact on audiences, the film’s narrative centered on the planet-devouring Unicron which was on a cataclysmic course to destroy the Transformers’ home world, just as the battle between the noble Autobots and evil Decepticons continued. The film also featured the final stand of one of its most popular heroes.

Optimus Prime would meet his end in the movie (to be resurrected the following season), and be injected into the lexicon as the most beloved Transformer (next to his lieutenant, BumbleBee) of all time. The character has been interpreted many times over the last 40 years and in this latest iteration from Hong Kong toy maker Yolopark the hero is captured in the popular look from the 80s animated series and movie. The model kit, which is die-cast allows you to build the hero into a 7” fully articulated action figure ready for action.


To be clear, this is not a child’s toy and the finished 7” robot model does not transform into a vehicle, but the avid collector will not be disappointed with the final result. Once you’ve carefully and patiently snapped all the parts into place securely (note: the instructions are illustrated and leave a little to be desired, especially when inserting the battery into the figure’s headpiece) the figure is a perfectly 3D version of Optimus Prime from the animated series and movie. The body is die-cast and features the dents and scratches you’d expect to exist on this experienced warrior’s chassis.


The figure can be elaborately posed to recreate many of his greatest moments and can be posed on the included “Energon” base and stand. The final build is particularly heavy (and not necessarily as sturdy as you might like) so posing and positioning require some patience. Optimus Prime comes with his classic-looking Ion Blaster, as well as his Energon axe used in his fateful, final confrontation against Megatron. The hero’s eyes also light up, triggered by proximity to the magnet in the base of the Ion Blaster. Celebrate the 40 years of this beloved franchise by adding this icon to your collection.


Yolopark’s THE TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME | AMK Pro Series Model is available for purchase on Amazon or directly through the Yolopark website. Use this direct link for ease of purchase.


Product Description

AMK Pro Series "Transformers: Generation One" Optimus Prime model kit launches into an attack on the evil Megatron. It brings even stronger firepower to Optimus Prime with the exclusive upgrades of the AMK Pro Series.

1. Premium Metal Armor: Metal car windows can be opened to reveal the detailed Matrix of Leadership.

2. Delicate Weathering Paint records Optimus Prime’s long-lasting battle experiences.

3. Blue lighting effect in the eyes.

4. Equipped with one (1) set of Energon Base and Stand, recreate Optimus Prime's classic poses.

Product Contents:

  • Optimus Prime figure

  • Ion blaster

  • Walther P38

  • Energon axe

  • Energon base + stand

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