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WONDER WOMAN: The First Lady of Comic-Con!

Hundreds of thousands of true enthusiasts have now officially taken over the city of San Diego in celebration of this year's most anticipated event on every fan's calendar. San Diego Comic-Con International continues to endure as the place to be for comic-book, sci-fi and fantasy followers, and ever since Hollywood capitalizing on the weekend of activities to speak to directly to the target audience SDCC has been the ideal platform to showcase what's coming next!

Among the images that are already making their way across the world wide feed are brand new shots of none other than DC Comics icon Wonder Woman who this year is celebrating her 75th Anniversary as a figure in popular culture, after a hotly anticipated appearance in the first blockbuster of the season Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which was just released on Blu-ray), and the actress who personified her in that film will be reprising the role in 2017 in her own first big-budget movie.

Gal Gadot made an instant impact after being introduced at 2015's panel to announce BvS and the subsequent line-up which included Wonder Woman for 2017, and the first image of her in the familiar warrior garb received a resounding roar from the audience, of course thrilled to see the Amazon Princess finally taking her proper place on the big screen. Although BvS didn't necessarily do so well with critics and some die-hard purists had issues with the film one thing was clear...Wonder Woman is a hit!

After 75 years of what appeared to be playing second fiddle to her contemporaries Superman and Batman, Princess Diana is now ready to step into the spotlight. It'll be a banner year indeed for Wonder Woman who also will have a relevance in primetime next fall when the "original" actress Lynda Carter joins the cast of Supergirl which will be joining the rest of the DC Comics appearing on The CW network. It has been confirmed that Carter will be portraying the President of the United States.

Much speculation has surrounded what can be expected from Wonder Woman the movie, but the film's director Patty Jenkins (who also directed the hit dramatic biopic Monster) promised in the EW article that it will be epic and "a classic origin story" combining elements found in mythology and the comic books. Actor Chris Pine (Star Trek's Captain Kirk) will play a pivotal role in shaping that origin story as the man that steals Diana's heart, Steve Trevor.

And although fans will have to wait until 2017 for Gadot to show us what's she's got when her solo movie premieres, in the meantime check out the just released "Ultimate Edition" of BvS which incorporates 30 minutes of additional footage leading up to the climatic brawl of the ages. The Blu-ray package also includes a brilliantly entertaining look at Wonder Woman in the documentary "The Warrior, The Myth, The Wonder".

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