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Things Are Getting DARK as DC Comics METAL Continues

As METAL continues to heat things up the DARK NIGHTS stake their claim in the DC Comics Universe!

First a little backstory! The Dark Universe is descending across the DC Comics multiverse! The latest major crossover event Metal continues to reshape the course of the mainstream continuity, all part of a major push to reignite the legacy initiative inspired by the “Rebirth” rebrand. A consequence of the less-popular “The New 52” relaunch of 2011 that rebooted the major characters and completely eradicated others from, the imprint is now juggling a series of epic events to realign, retcon and return things to what they were!

Metal is a story set within the Earth-0 (or “Prime” Earth) continuity which is considered the first-earth of the multiverse, or the plane on which the DC Comics primary pantheon of characters exist, although most of those characters backstories and origins have been a little wonky ever since the “Flashpoint” event. In that story Barry Allen, the hero known as The Flash attempted to rewrite his own history and went back in time to prevent the murder of his mother Nora. Altering that bit of his storyline had a dramatic impact on the entire timeline!

With no other choice but the fix the mistake of that particular incursion, The Flash returns to the scene of the crime and attempts to set things right, but the universe — in its infinite wisdom — has other plans for him and intervenes! The result was a bolder, younger, braver world — “The New 52” continuity along with the reemergence of the multiverse. Since then the universe appears to have taken matters into its own hands and is presently struggling to set things right. The “Rebirth” event is helping to put things back, but there is more danger on the horizon…

A Dark Universe

Batman scribe Scott Snyder insists that the makings of the Metal arc have been hinted at ever since he began his infamous run dictating the story of the fabled Caped Crusader. In the now legendary The Return of Bruce Wayne story arc written by Grant Morrison, that details the adventures of a time-displaced Batman, Snyder began to introduce elements of a dangerous figure that has always had a direct influence in shaping the existence of The Batman. When The Batman was most recently confronted by his arch-nemesis The Joker, it cost him a great deal — Bruce Wayne was literally reborn!

As is often the case, resurrections come at a great price. Something is stirring in the heart of Gotham City! A huge mountain appears out of nowhere in the heart of the city and inside is a mystery millennia in the making, and it’s all connected to the metallurgical discovery of a metal — a new element — one not unfamiliar to longtime DC Comics readers. 9th metal is often associated with one of the imprint’s classic heroes, the archeologist Carter Hall also known as the winged Hawkman and his paramour Hawkgirl. Both characters have resurfaced within the pages of Metal and will have a significant affect as the story continues to progress.

It would appear that The Batman though has the most crucial part to play in this earth-shattering event that has revealed the existence of a “Dark Universe” — and evil alternate, alternate universe that is a sinister contrast to the multiverse we’ve all become more familiar with. In fact the negative realm appears to function in a very obvious and start contrast to our own mainstream multiversity. It’s been well established that Superman the Man of Steel, is essentially at the core and a constant within the multiverse, an infinite influence throughout many of the known worlds.

The Kryptonian refugee stands as a primary force, almost always alongside a version of Batman and Wonder Woman — the heroic trinity. But in this Dark Universe it’s becoming obvious that The Batman is the primary template, and is in most cases catering to his base instincts, running afoul of his own heroic instincts and preferring to connect with his darker side. Regardless of the consequences, The Batman appears to be of service to only his own devices be they selfish or determinate.

And it would appear now that these evil counterparts are working together and seeking to claim the DC multiverse for their own! The Dark Universe it appears does not exist as an infinite element to its counterpart, the multiverse — it was never meant to exist. Each of its worlds eventually fall to their own cataclysm, and it seems that this crisis is inevitable! Seeking to change the circumstances of their predicament, the Batmen of the Dark Universe have arrived!

And no one is safe!

“Dark Nights” part of the current Metal story arc is currently playing out as part of the DC Comics crossover event of the season.

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