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TuneIN | THE FLASH “Enter Flashtime”

It’s going to take more than one Flash to stop a nuclear device from turning Central City into a crater! The latest episode of The CW hit series reinforces the importance of The Flash’s legacy with guest appearances from the Flashes of two worlds!

This season of The Flash may well test the metal of its titular hero in a way that previous seasons wouldn’t have dared to tread. After successfully traversing the multiverse and sifting through space-time itself, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has come face-to-face with an adversary that is as quick with his wit than the Scarlet Speedster is on his feet. When it was announced that The Thinker, Clifford DeVoe (guest star Neil Sandilands) would enter into the picture many “Flash” fans were ready for a new kind of Battle Royale!

Season 4 of The Flash hasn’t disappointed in tripping things up very differently for the protectors of Central City. Previous years had audiences walking into this world of super-powered metahumans alongside a largely untested hero who found himself at the center of the impossible. Barry Allen has come a long way since going to the mat with the likes of evil speedsters like the Reverse-Flash and Zoom, and faced his worst nightmare when confronted with his evil twin in the godlike Savitar.

With The Thinker setting off fires all over the city, The Flash has found himself in the line of sight of an evil mastermind with only one goal in mind, and that’s to bring down Barry Allen’s alter-ego. In the latest episode of the season “Enter Flashtime” while DeVoe’s plans continue to unravel in the background, Team Flash find themselves at the mercy of terrorist organization that has set off a nuclear device that will decimate all of Central City, unless The Flash can find a way to stop it. Fortunately for him — he doesn’t have to do it alone!

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Jay Garrick John Wesley Shipp) work together to prevent the destruction of Central City, a criminal plot that requires the speedsters to “Enter Flashtime” to save the day.

Joining the team in their efforts this episode will be Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) the Flash of Earth-2 and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) the Flash of Earth-3. This will be the first episode actually this season since the departure of Kid Flash that will be bringing together the comic book’s legacy characters, proving that when all else fails — this is a job for the Flash Family! Jesse Quick’s return has been hinted at for sometime, since her father Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has been conflicted with how he and his daughter parted ways recently.

Certainly the pair will be able to resolve their issues, but also popping in to lend a hand in “Enter Flashtime” will be the much-beloved character of Jay Garrick (Shipp) who has been absent for most of Season 4. Garrick who is played by veteran actor John Wesley Shipp (who also portrayed The Flash in the 1990 CBS original series) will be proving how powerful The Flashes of all-worlds can be especially when they work together. Fans had been expecting, Shipp’s Garrick to have a more prominent role since his introduction as the Golden Age hero.

Perhaps the series’ writers and producers are preparing to tease the show’s fans and introduce an arc that will get back to the important legacy attribute that sets The Flash apart from his DC Comics contemporaries. The Flash has been around for generations and the Speed Force has been passed from one speedster to another through the Silver Age and into the Modern Age; with the series having hinted at a potential adaptation of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” story arc, the significance of exploring The Flash legacy of heroes will never be more important than it is now!

Since Barry and Iris West (Candice Patton) tied the knot this year, it has been hinted that their future may be catching up with them. There’s a mysterious interloper that’s been hanging around — a “mystery girl” — who knows an awful lot about our heroes, and although she doesn’t appear to pose any kind of threat, she has an indelible connection to Barry and Iris that is yet to be defined!

The Flash “Enter Flashtime” airs on The CW Tuesday, March 6 @ 8pm EST.

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